Terms of Use

Terms of UseIt is prohibited to use VDS for the following:

  1. SPAM messaging in any form
  2. Attempts to hack network resources, network attacks, DDoS
  3. Sending viruses
  4. Distribution of counterfeit software (Warez)
  5. VPN/Proxy/WebProxy or any other software to redirect traffic via VDS
  6. IRC/Camfrog
  7. Systems checking Proxy server availability (Proxy Checkers)
  8. Systems testing network resources for vulnerabilities (port scanners, etc.)
  9. Storage and distribution of pornographic content
  10. Storage and distribution of materials infringing the Ukrainian, Russian or international law
  11. Picking passwords to network resources, including ICQ/IRC/Jabber and other IM systems
  12. P2P networks, torrents
  13. Any actions infringing third parties
  14. Any actions violating the Ukrainian, Russian or international law as well as netiquette

In case of violation of these terms, ServerDale will block your virtual server and money for server rent will not be refundable.