Windows VPS/VDS Virtual Servers

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Windows use Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology providing the highest degree of hardware virtualization and separation of virtual machines from each other. This innovative technology allows you to keep cool about the performance of your virtual machines, as all resources are dedicated and guaranteed. In addition, it offers the best performance on Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Server is controlled via remote data processor (RDP) and in its simplicity it is like you were sitting in front of the monitor of the remote PC. No special skills are required.

Possible purposes of Virtual Dedicated Server on Windows:

  • Hosting the websites, portals, forums requiring IIS or MSSQL.
  • Hosting the applications that require anytime Internet access and uninterrupted operation of the equipment (point-of-sale terminals, Forex advisors, databases, VOIP/IM servers, accounting servers, game servers)
  • To make a “remote workstation” and provide access to all applications from work and home PCs and from mobile devices including phones, tablets and laptops.