ServerDale Affiliate Program

Affiliate ProgramWhy cooperating with us?

Favorable conditions:

We offer the most profitable affiliate program allowing you to earn on a regular basis! You get up to 20% of all payments of the customer that you bring, regardless of when and how much he pays.

The customer shall go to your affiliate link once, and you will always get a fixed interest from payments of that user.


Customers are also interested in going to your affiliate link, as visiting it, they receive up to 10% discount for our services at the first order!

We provide priority support to our partners; in addition, you can be sure in the excellent quality of our services. The users that you bring will not be disappointed.


You can always view statistics of clicks on your affiliate link, as well as the users that have registered and ordered services.


Money that you earn through the affiliate program can be withdrawn at any time to your WebMoney wallet. There is no minimal withdrawal amount.

How does it work?

After registering in the control panel, you will have access to Affiliate Program where you will find a link to attract customers.

Each user clicking on this link will be considered as your referral, and you will receive 10% of all his payments.

Even if the user closes the page, for example, and decides to register in a week  – Cookie will still inform us that he had come through your link.

What will be my interest?

Initially, all partners get 10% of all payments by the customers they have brought; besides the user that came through your link receives a 5% discount at first order of services (the discount applies to all types of virtual servers).

You can also get the status of Silver or Gold Partner, which have a much higher interest and the customers they have brought get a greater discount.

For Silver or Gold status you need to have a minimum monthly income from affiliate program.

Interest rates and discounts on the affiliate program:


Partner status  Interest rate of customer payments Customer’s discount when ordering servicesRequired income to get a status
Regular 10% 5% 0 USD/Mo
350 USD/Mo
Gold 20% 10% 1000 USD/Мo

You can change the status requesting a support service.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please contact us  and we will be happy to answer them.

We will be glad to cooperate!