DELL – Our Servers for Virtualization

Dell ServersWe use Dell PowerEdge™ R910 servers featuring high reliability and such qualities as improved fail safety, availability and Intel® serviceability; redundant power supplies; IDRAC6 remote connections, as well as built-in diagnostics features. Internal SD module provides recovery on a hypervisor in case of a failure.

Emphasis on reliability starts with product development and ends with thorough validation using proven processes. By offering PowerEdge R910 servers, Dell ensures quality through:

  • The use of reliable validation and testing processes for the highest quality design;
  • Verification of compliance of each supplier with strict Dell quality standards;
  • The use of strong reliable and industry proven materials to provide long product life cycles;
  • Offering a universal server configurator (USC) to minimize downtime by built-in diagnostics means that do not require data media;
  • The use of components added taking into account customers’ wishes, such as two internal SD modules providing failover at the hypervisor level;
  • Implementation of the process quality control where one person is in charge for the entire process of server manufacture;
  • Testing every fully configured Dell server and re-testing before it leaves the factory.

PowerEdge™ R910 servers comply with all performance specifications of PowerEdge™ servers of the 11th generation and have the same commonality of design and ease of maintenance common to all these servers. All external ports, power supplies and LEDs on Dell PowerEdge servers are in locations common for the user and provide ease of installation and deployment.